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  • Supporting the Human Right to a Death with Dignity
  • The Process of Seeking Our Services

    • You must be a member of Final Exit Network to be accepted into the Exit Guide program.
    • Leave a message with our answering service and you will be contacted by a Case Coordinator  to gather information about your medical situation.  You will be asked to provide a written statement explaining your desire to seek an early peaceful death, and a statement from at least one doctor giving your diagnosis and prognosis.
    • The medical information, doctor’s summary, and your personal note will be forwarded to the Medical Committee and a provisional acceptance may be granted.  It is helpful if you can attest that your closest relatives or major care givers are not opposed to your wishes.
    • If you receive provisional acceptance an Exit Guide will be assigned who will get in touch by phone and, if possible, arrange a home visit.  Your individual needs and timetable will be discussed.
    • From your Guide you will receive detailed information about the method we recommend, and the inexpensive equipment you will need to obtain.  The Network never supplies equipment.

    Cost of Our Exit Guide Services

    There is no fee for Final Exit Network services. However, since travel and other expense of Exit Guides are costly, we depend on donations, memberships and bequests to fund the dissemination of information, provide defense in court cases when necessary, and provide a compassionate presence for our clients within the boundaries of the law.

    Final Exit Network is a tax-exempt, non-profit (501-c-3) educational and research organization.

    Membership dues, donations and bequests are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

    Exit Guide Program

    • For assistance or information please call (866) 654-9156.
    • A Case Coordinator will call you, talk you through our procedures, and make arrangements for an Exit Guide to contact you and arrange a personal interview in your home if that is appropriate.
    • You will need to supply a personal statement and a medical diagnosis for our Evaluation Committee, and you must attest that all relevant family members or caregivers will not interfere with your wishes.
    • Your individual needs and timetable will be evaluated and coordinated with your Exit Guide who will provide you with information on all alternatives for care at the end of life, including all legal methods of self-deliverance that will produce a peaceful, quick, certain and painless death.
    • You will be encouraged to use hospice care, though this is not mandatory.
    • You will also be encouraged to seek consultations with others such as your spiritual advisor, a psychiatrist, oncologist, and/or other medical specialists.