The mission of FEN of Illinois is to support people in planning for the end of life by:
  • Disseminating knowledge of the philosophy and work of FEN; and
  • Providing information about a broad range of end of life issues.

In keeping with our mission, we are prepared to offer educational workshops on the full range of issues pertaining to end of life preparation, including preparing your advance directive documents, choosing your health care agent, medical interventions that you may want to decline near the end of life, the Practitioners Orders for Life Sustaining Treatments (POLST) form, and options for hastened death.

Please contact us if you would like a workshop presentation in your community so that we can work together in planning something that is appropriate for your group. You may wish to think about groups that you belong to who may be interested in learning about end of life preparation. If you are interested in offering a workshop, we will need you to provide the location and publicity for the workshop, as we are unable to do that for you.

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