Benefits of Membership in Final Exit Network
U.S. Living Will Registry 
As a member of Final Exit Network, you have an opportunity to register with the U.S. Living Will 
Registry. To learn more about the USLWR, visit

To receive this free benefit of membership, simply contact us for the unique Network USLWR registration form by email at:, or click on the button at left and request the form. Once you receive the form, then mail it along with your advance directive and/or organ donor information to:  
PO Box 2789 
Westfield, NJ 07091
(Please do NOT mail it to the Network's mailing address. This will delay your registration.)

The U.S. Living Will Registry is a secure, on-line database where you can store your advance 
directive and/or organ donor information. The document can be easily accessed by you, or any health 
care provider. It is completely confidential, just like a medical record. Once registered, you will receive 
labels to affix to your insurance card and driver’s license stating your advance directive is registered. 
Take advantage of this great program!

Exit Guide Services
Final Exit Network offers Exit Guide services at no cost to all members who apply and are approved. 
Further details are provided by choosing the button at left.

The Network's Newsletter
Final Exit Network publishes two versions of its Newsletter: paper and online. The paper version is 
sent to each member four times a year by regular mail. 

Our Programs
Membership dues and donations are Final Exit Network’s primary source of funds. Your contributions fund our Exit Guide Program, our Newsletter, our Speakers Bureau, our legal fund, and all the activities that are essential to our continued existence. 

Join Us!
Join this vibrant death-with-dignity movement, join with other like-minded individuals who are on the forefront of change in this country. Better yet, join and then ask a friend to join. Tell them about our mission, and spread the word. Choose the button at left to join now.

If you wish to receive brochures or newsletter copies to distribute to your friends and family, please email 

Help us spread the word!​
Finally, if you belong to an organization that would welcome a Final Exit Network speaker, please contact us. We will make arrangements for a speaker in your region to schedule a program at no expense to the organization who sponsors the program.

We are pleased to have you as a member. Thank you for the support.