MEETUP GROUP: Most meetings are posted. It’s free for anyone to join Our Meetup group is called “Death With Dignity.” Click the blue button on the left to go to the Meetup group's page.

SPEAKERS: We have had world-renowned speakers such a Derek Humphrey, the President of the World Federation of Right To Die Societies, the FEN President, and others speak to the larger Tucson community interested in our purpose.

Please note that when you receive notice of a meeting where “cost” is mentioned for one of our events, no one is excluded due to expense. Anyone in need may pay less, nothing, or whatever possible. Fees are used to defray expenses and, since we limit the size of our groups, fees help to ensure attendance, and not limit participation for those on the waiting list.

The AZ Affiliate Leader is John Abraham, M.Div., F.T. Thanatologist, and author of “How To Get The Death You Want: A Practical and Moral Guide.” 

Click here to contact John Abraham (Phone is generally preferable, and certainly if it is an immediate need.)
John can be reached at 520-235-5646 between 6 am and 7 pm. Please contact him for dates, times, and location of meetings or to schedule a talk for your group (14 or more).

Leadership Team
J’Fleur Lohman
Mary Ganapol
Maggie Molloy
John Abraham
Ragi Case
Jon Stetson
Melanie Hampton
Carol Brown
Mary McGovern
Ken and Roz Weene


Who are we? We are part of the national non-profit organization: Final Exit Network. Our purpose is the same as that of national FEN. Our Vision: "Any competent person unbearably suffering an intractable medical condition has the option to die legally and peacefully." Our Mission: "Educate qualified individuals in practical, peaceful ways to end their lives, offer a compassionate bedside presence, and defend their right to choose.“ Here are the local programs we offer:

PUBLIC INTRODUCTION PRESENTATION AND DISCUSSION OF "DEATH WITH DIGNITY." Introduction to the death with dignity movement and Final Exit Network programs locally and nationally; given at libraries, civic groups, community associations, churches, etc.

SMALL GROUP SOCIAL GATHERING: A get-together to share end of life interests with like-minded people in a safe and fun environment. This is a place to get to know others, and perhaps find someone to act as your medical power of attorney. Open to the public.

ADVOCACY TRAINING: Learn how to get your wishes honored at end of life or whenever encountering a medical institution, to get the care you want and avoid medical care you don’t want. Training on how to have or to be a good Medical Power of Attorney (POA). Making your Advance Directives work for you. This is our most well-received program. Open to the public. Required before attending the Advance Directive Workshop. 

ADVANCE DIRECTIVE WORKSHOP: A helpful follow-up to the advocacy training to learn about preparing advance directives to clearly state your end of life and medical care wishes. A lawyer will review the AZ Forms and main areas of good directives and answer questions. We’ll have plenty of the AZ state-specific forms, which you can find at under “life care planning packet.” Open to the public.

LIFE COMPLETION CLASS: This class will teach the two “how to” ways to facilitate a peaceful death, including a demonstration of the inert gas method. It includes why not to use other methods. This is the only program that requires a 6-month FEN membership for attendance, and includes a thorough discussion about the role of “Exit Guides.”

LEADERSHIP TEAM MEETINGS: Local FEN team meets regularly to evaluate, refine, and schedule our programs. Open to the public.

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