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Final Exit Network is a registered non profit organization that operates throughout the United States. (We do not operate outside of the U.S., however you may go to the World Federation of Right to Die Society's website for international information.)  

We believe in death with dignity and an individual's right to self determination. We are the only organization that publicly provides education on all end of life choices as well as a compassionate presence to those who are suffering from incurable diseases and have chosen to end their suffering. We do not put an artificial requirement for an individual to be certified as likely to die in six months. Suffering does not recognize that restriction and neither do we. 

To ensure that the maximum amount of your money is used to alleviate suffering we operate virtually, conducting our administrative business as much as possible through technology. Outreach to individuals seeking information from us is done entirely through volunteers and almost all our travel is done for that exclusive purpose. 

Final Exit Network is a national, nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt corporation.

Gifts and memberships to Final Exit Network are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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HASTINGS, Minnesota, August 24, 2015 — Final Exit Network was 
sentenced to pay a $30,000 fine today for “assisting in a suicide” in connection 
with the 2007 self-deliverance of a member. 

Judge Christian Wilton sentenced the organization to the maximum fine. 
Final Exit Network was convicted on May 14 of assisting in a suicide, a 
felony punishable by a fine of $30,000, and of interfering with a body or the scene 
of a death with the intent to mislead the coroner, a misdemeanor, which is 
punishable by a fine of $3,000. 

It had been previously reported many times that the maximum fine faced by 
Final Exit Network was $33,000. However, during the sentencing hearing, the 
State elected not to seek the separate $3,000 fine for the misdemeanor. 

The State also sought the payment of $2,975.63 as “restitution” to the 
family of Doreen Dunn, 57, as the “victims” of the “crime.” The amount 
represented the sum spent by Mark Dunn, the decedent’s husband for her burial 
and headstone. Testimony at the trial indicated Dunn had long-standing plans to 
separate from his wife and move from their home. Ironically, his belongings were 
in boxes on the day of her death, waiting to be moved out the next day.  

While the Network might have objected to the payment of “restitution,” the 
organization’s attorney, Robert Rivas, said to the court, “It is a family’s sacred 
obligation to pay to bury their loved ones, but if Mr. Dunn doesn’t want to have to 
pay for his wife’s burial, Final Exit Network will pay it for him.” 

“We intend to vigorously appeal this for two reasons. One is the importance 
of protecting all Americans’ free speech rights from encroachment by the 
government, but the second is to continue our advocacy for competent adults to 
have the right to make their own end-of-life decisions,” said Janis Landis, the 
Network’s president, who attended the hearing. Gary Wederspahn, the newest FEN 
board member, who happens to be from Hastings, Minnesota, also attended the 
sentencing hearing. 

Judge Wilton put the Network on “probation” until the fine is paid, and the 
Network would be legally prohibited from providing Exit Guide services while on 
probation. Landis said the Network is unwilling to deny Exit Guide services to 
those in Minnesota for any length of time, and the fine will therefore be paid 
Why celebrate January 2 and the month of January?

When you plan your New Year's resolutions, go ahead and plan conversations with your family and friends about your - and their - end-of-life choices. This is one of the most important and life-changing resolutions that you can make.

And now you can talk with your doctor about your end-of-life choices. Plan to call your doctor in January and make an appointment for this important discussion.

As an organization, Final Exit Network is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the publishing of Final Exit, the book, which marked the beginning of the death with dignity movement within the United States

Turned down by commercial publishers, but still determined, Derek Humphriy self-published his ground-breaking book Final Exit. The book is in its third edition, has been published in many languages, is sold around the world, and has been on the New York Times bestseller list. 

Derek Humphry was also one of the original founders of the Hemlock Society and then later one of the original founders of Final Exit Network. It is with great appreciation that we are honored to celebrate the month of January, beginning January 2, with celebrations aimed at furthering everyone's discussion of their own personal final wishes. 

Talk with your family, talk with your friends - talk with your doctor. Initiate the discussion with your children and other family members. Ask them to consider their final wishes and discuss end-of-life issues with you - and their respective families. Discuss what your life has meant to you, to them, discuss the importance of a good death. The discussion alone opens many doors and may well become the impetus for many heartfelt family discussions.

​We hope to make the month of January a month-long opportunity for all of us to further this important discussion. Please return to this site for more information as our plans progress.
Celebrate the Death with Dignity movement!
Talk with your family & friends, the discussion alone opens many doors and may well become the impetus for many heartfelt family discussions.
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Faith, FEN Member, forced to leave Minnesota for exit education. 
May 13
Press Release
Faye Girsh wins prestigious Marilyn Seguin Memorial Award
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Conference in Amsterdam
By Faye Girsh for the ERGO listserv

Have to make this a quick note because it\s midnight and we just got
home from our big banquet evening which was in a beautiful old home once
belonging, I think, to the founders of the East India Company. Lovely
little dishes were served for four hours while we chatted. And, btw, I
got the Marilyn Sequin Award from the World Federation. I can't remember
the exact words but I am very honoured. Marilyn would have been so proud
of what her country is doing now to move her issue forward.
The keynotes this morning were fascinating. A law professor from Canada
tore the legislative proposal now being considered apart. One main issue
was the possibility that the law would be limited to terminally ill
people which he strongly objected to (me too!).
As promised, Peggy Battin gave the other address -- on Euthanasia s
Enemies -- explaining in her clear, brilliant way how we can incorporate
some of the facets of our adversaries to actually strengthen our movement.
The one of four sessions I attended today were excellent. They covered
double exits, when they might occur and how they could go. One brother
and sister talked about their parents dying that way and how grateful
they were that they were able to make that choicer Another son talked
about his parents' death but complained that the Dutch model required
the doctor to be present and the second opinion doctor to ask too many
questions. He said it was too intrusive.
A young woman made a moving film about her mother, a psychiatric patient
who made suicide attempts, asked for by was denied an assisted death,
and ultimately jumped from an 11th floor window. It is called "Mothers
Don't Jump From Buildings" and is a plea to include psychiatric problems
in the criteria for an assisted death.
The last 90 minutes was about "Tired of Living" with some excellent
research well-presented by a young woman who interviewed a large sample
of older people. This population will expand in the future.
One session was sponsored by SOARS (Society for Old Age Rational Suicide
-- which has recently changed its name) -- founded by Michael Irwin who
couldn't be present and who was missed by us old-timers who greatly
respect and admire him.
Tomorrow morning I chair the NuTech session at 9:30. Derek Humphry
should have been there and he too will be missed. It should be a
consolation to us old timers that the new generation is here --
energetic, compassionate, smart, and attractive. Only one more day of
meetings --- and it's getting colder here. But I hate to think of the
Conference ending tomorrow. NVVE, the Dutch RTD Society, has done a
wonderful job hosting.
  -- Faye Girsh, San Diego
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